Julie McElroyJulie has the drive, determination and passion for life.

Julie is an identical twin. Until Julie begins to walk and talk no one would realise that she has a speech impairment and mobility difficulties while Amy is able bodied. Julie is also profoundly deaf and she relies on hearing aids. The reason for this is that Julie has Cerebral Palsy. She was born alongside her twin sister prematurely and doctors said to her parents that she would spend her life in a wheelchair but that has made her more determined to lead an active life without the use of a wheelchair.

She epitomizes drive, motivation and passion. Throughout her life she has succeeded in so many challenges. Julie is a woman who has so much to offer in terms of possessing of ideas and concepts in every slant of any projects she undertake. She possesses the determination and fortitude required for success. Julie makes the connections between the adversities and obstacles we face in everyday life to reaching your goals, and despite her own hurdles that she has to overcome, never lets anything get the better of her.

In Julie’s life, she had to deal with preconception of others. However, far from feeling down about this, Julie has always used it to spur herself on and become even more determined in achieving different goals.